An Expression of Human Ingenuity

Our lab is our proving ground, a place where curiosity merges with the science of the stars.

We are a laboratory of ideas as much as we are a studio for innovation, inviting those at the cutting edge of their fields to redefine the creative horizons for a diamond.

Everything begins with a natural diamond seed.

There is power in the essence of a substance. At SNOW, everything begins with a sliver of a natural diamond seed cradled in a small chamber. As the carefully calibrated environment is superheated, a patented blend of gasses is ionized into plasma, releasing layers of atomic carbon that gently fall, accumulating one atom at a time. Gradually, over several weeks, our diamond grows from seed to stone, patiently demonstrating the beauty inherent in nature.

This graceful process is distinguished by the peerless talent who envisioned it, crafting a production method that far exceeds previous industry capabilities. Developed for its precision and sustainability, our patented technology, Ultra-Pure, Fast, Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (UPF-MPCVD), improves upon the classic CVD process to create a larger, cleaner, and more colorless diamond at unmatched speed.

We are a laboratory of ideas.
Our diamond grows from seed to stone.

The result is a diamond of impeccable quality with a finished weight of up to 20 carats and a minimum clarity of VS1 — a gemological standard that exceeds that of the most renowned luxury jewelers. Thanks to innovations in our technology, we deliver diamonds with more perfect carbon lattices and fewer crystal defects for overall better quality.

Each diamond is then hand-cut and polished by master artisans certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council using both time-honored tools and techniques and the boundary-defying innovations of the times. We believe a grown diamond represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, a mastery of art and science that sculpts at the atomic level.

Our lab continuously pursues techniques that achieve what few have considered within the bounds of possible, like experimental colors and shapes grown custom for designers. Acting outside the structures of traditional customs and norms, we’ve cultivated a unique role as both collaborative manufacturer and creative studio, driven by a desire to reveal diamond’s potential for expression and positive impact.

Consistency at scale, record speed, and minimal variance in quality.
A rare promise of consistency at scale, record speed, and minimal variance in quality makes us a trusted partner. Designers are able to manifest their vision unconstrained, thanks to our controlled growth environments which enable us to craft every aspect of the diamond — from the technology and bespoke blend of gasses used to grow it to the cut and polish of the finished gem.

Free to imagine distinctive cuts and novel applications, SNOW challenges the conventions of how a diamond is created, perceived, and worn. As we explore diamond’s boundless potential one carbon atom at a time, we engage with our deepest instincts to perfect, strive, and achieve. In its purest form, we pursue what it means to create.
We pursue what it means to create.